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Scott Pilgrim: An Alternative Soundtrack

I'm looking forward to watching the Scott Pilgrim movie next week and have been preparing myself by devouring Bryan Lee O'Malley's original comic book series. There's already been a fair amount written about the official Scott Pilgrim soundtrack and director Edgar Wright has spoken to both the Guardian and Drowned in Sound on musical matters. It looks solid and there's a nice post on O'Malley's website that's well reading too.

I had hoped for a higher twang quotient though. Scott Pilgrim Volume 3 includes a mini appendix where O'Malley lists some of the songs he listened to while working on the book. It's not far from sounding like my iPod on shuffle with the addition of a few Canucks I'd never heard of. So, here are the tunes from O'Malley's list with his comments in quotations. As you'll see it features a lot of Carnival Saloon favourites.

MP3: Plumtree - Scott Pilgrim

For obvious reasons this one's on the film's OST. Says O'Malley, "this is the song that inspired the book in general, by a great Canadian indie girl-rock band from the 90s. Plumtree rocks for ever!"
Find it on the Scott Pilgrim OST

MP3: Joel Plaskett - In Need of Medical Attention

Another Canadian I'd never heard of. "He's a guy whose music has had a huge influence on me and Scott Pilgrim. He was also in a great 90s band called Thrush Hermit whose defining album Clayton Park is an overlooked classic".
Find it on In Need of Medical Attention

MP3: The Flying Burrito Brothers - To Ramona

"This legendary band fronted by Gram Parsons in the early 70s is the soundtrack to Scott's mind". This Dylan cover is actually from the FFBs first album without Gram. Never mind, it's great and Ramona is the object of Scott's affections.
Find it on Hot Burritos!

MP3: Beachwood Sparks - By Your Side

I haven't listened to Beachwood Sparks for yonks so was glad to reacquaint myself with them. "A swirly cosmic countrified cover of a Sade song. It's the ultimate Scott Pilgrim song. I secretly love the original, too".
Find it on Once We Were Trees

MP3: The Replacements - Can't Hardly Wait

A classic! "They wrote amazing songs. I always think of them as Ramona's favourite. They're one of mine."
Find it on Pleased to Meet Me

MP3: Uncle Tupelo - Grindstone

Regular Carnival Saloon patrons will know my feelings towards Uncle Tupelo so I won't repeat myself. O'Malley has this to say, "the original band. I equate them with the character Stephen Stills."
Find it on March 16-20, 1992

MP3: Neil Young - Borrowed Tune

"...and every other Neil Young song. Scott also 'borrowed' a tune from the Rolling Stones in this book, in case you missed it..."
Find it on Tonight's the Night

MP3: Spoon - Waiting For The Kid To Come Home

According to Metacritic (via this article in the Guardian) Spoon are the best band of the last 10 years. "Gets me every time. This an old b-side but it screams Scott Pilgrim to me. Rockin' and ramshackle."
Find it on Telephono/Soft Effects EP

MP3: Old 97's - Let The Idiot Speak

This is a band that No Depression championed a lot in the glory years. "They're a bouncy pop-country-punk-something band from Texas and they've given this comic a lot of juice over the years."
Find it on Fight Songs

MP3: Tom Petty - American Girl

"This song plays over the credits of every episode of Scott Pilgrim in my mind. Check out that guitar in the intro! CLASSIC ROCK!" Fair points though personally I'm still convinced Mr Petty warranted a four-hour documentary.
Find it on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Not a bad playlist, huh? Your thoughts on Scott Pilgrim the movie, books or its soundtrack all welcome.

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