Friday, 2 May 2008

Michael Stipe Rocks Out To Born to Run

REM singer's reaction to Boss classic identical to mine

I saw this video on Stereogum the other day. It's worth watching if you still have a soft spot for REM, like Bruce Springsteen or have ever seen me dance at Uptight. The clip's from DA Pennebaker's doc about the 2004 Vote For Change tour. Michael Stipe gets quite giddy at the prospect of meeting Springsteen and does some wonderful air-punching as he sings along to Peter Buck practicing Born To Run.

Stipe and Springsteen from Walker Lamond on Vimeo.


Sam Jordison said...

Most endearing.

What did Stipe give him at around 2:10?

Nigel Smith said...

A copy of REM's new album. I thought Bruce looked nonplussed.

Sam Jordison said...

Haha. Yes, he does.

Mind you if I met him I'd probably try and give some of my toilet books to him... Imagine. The Boss digging your work...

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