Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Hi and Lo

New Adventures in Modern Twang

The Hi and Lo are an urbane pair of twang fans from Leicestershire I'd recommend to anyone who likes the idea of seeing a drummer play the banjo. I saw the band for the first time last Saturday at the Betsey Trotwood on the same bill as the delightful Piney Gir and my pals Two Fingers of Firewater.

Paul McClure played acoustic guitar, harmonica and mandolin while the top-hatted Nick Bott combined drums, more harmonica, banjo and electric guitar. I was first struck by what a lovely sound they created together but it was their self-deprecating between-song patter that really won me over. Some of the songs are pretty funny too.

These two vids and the MP3 below should give you a flavour. There's more at as well as a good 10-track CD for sale.

If you're in London The Hi and Lo are playing the mighty Come Down and Meet the Folks this Sunday. Perhaps see you there.

I Get Blue (Just Like Those Cowboys) Over You

Ray of Sunshine

MP3: The Hi and Lo - The Bad Times Aren't As Bad (They're Even Worse)

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