Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Handsome Family - The Blizzard

Photo: Washington DC, January 28, 1922 (from Shorpy)

I've wanted to post this since I heard it on Guy Garvey's radio show a few weeks ago but thought I'd wait until I'd seen some more snow. Well, we had a minor flurry last week so here it is.

MP3: The Handsome Family - The Blizzard

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The song was originally a hit for Jim Reeves in 1964. Camera Obscura also released a great cover before Christmas last year. What makes this version so good is that tragic tales (often involving animals) are The Handsome Family's stock in trade making Brett Sparks the ideal person to sing about lame ponies, numb toes and an ever-present danger of death.

The Handsome Family's brilliant cover of Knoxville Girl can also be found on the In The Forest of Missing Airplanes EP.

Any suggestions for other severe weather songs?


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D. said...

Drew Minson has a lot of weather songs - Lake Effect, Front Moving Through,The Storm, It's Just The Wind, etc. Also lots of nice "summer" songs.

Recordings (live) available at > “Nines Open Mic recordings” - Drew is on the favorites/ top searches list. Might have to seek out the best version, since some are first performances of songs finished that day.

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