Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Confiscation Blues

Man of Steel Memories Part 3

My personal tribute to Superman’s 70th birthday continues with an unexpected act of pre-teen rebellion...

Living in Mid-Wales as child meant my access to Superman’s continuing adventures was limited. The local newsagent just didn’t stock American comics.

In 1986 my family moved to a village near Oxford, a city that boasted at least three bona fide comic shops. At last, my thirst for Superman comics could be adequately quenched.

This coincided with a major re-launch of the Superman comics by British writer and artist John Byrne and the growing respectability of the medium in general via graphic novels like Watchmen and Sandman that were aimed at "mature readers". In fact, I often thought I was the only child who shopped at Comics Showcase on the Cowley Road.

Moving house obviously also meant starting at a new school. During my first week I remember spending a break time poring over some choice back issues and being collared by the headmaster in the main hall. At first I recall he showed great interest, correctly identifying Lois Lane as the female on the cover above. This sadly turned out to be a ruse to win over the new boy at school. He then told me that comics were not considered appropriate reading material for his students and promptly confiscated my Superman stash. I was allowed to collect them from his office to take home only if I promised not to bring them back to school.

At the end of that first term I won a book token as some sort of prize. I can’t remember what it was for, but I do know that I spent it on an Asterix book.

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