Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Kicking The Habit Kryptonian Style

Man of Steel Memories Part 2

Continuing my self-indulgent celebration of Superman's 70th birthday, I cast my mind back to an incident that occurred when I was five or six years old - a period in my life when I regularly dressed as my favourite superhero. It was also around the time that Superman was the face of an incredible anti-smoking campaign aimed at potential school-age tabbers.

Anyone who claims TV has no effect on the young is a liar. These ads were on all the time and I was desperate to don my mini Man of Steel outfit and emulate Superman's cig-crushing technique (one of his few feats a child could safely copy). The only smoker I knew was my grandad so I looked forward to one of his visits to test my powers.

My grandad was blind, which made him an easy target to creep up on. Glimpsing his fag packet on the table next to him I pounced on the gleaming box of Benson & Hedges, smashing them in my small fist, and declaring, like my hero, that "I never say yes to a cigarette!" He was unimpressed and I think I only damaged a couple of cigarettes. Still, I'd added a super-activity to my roster that included leaping off our climbing frame and wearing a Superman t-shirt as a vest when I went swimming just so I could sheepishly reveal the 'S' in the changing room.

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