Sunday, 18 January 2009

State Songs #3: Arizona

Photo © Adamos Maximimus @ Flickr

I spent a few days in Arizona in 1996 mainly to see the Grand Canyon. A tip if you're planning to visit. There's a sign at the top that advises against descending unless you have plenty of water. Take that advice. I genuinely thought there'd be a Wendy's at the bottom.

MP3: The DeZurik Sisters - The Arizona Yodeler

One of the joys of rooting through my record collection seeking songs about specific topics is chancing upon hidden gems like this I barely knew I owned. The DeZurik Sisters, Mary Jane and Carolyn, were Grand Ole Opry stars in the 30s and 40s famous for their yodeling, which, as you can hear, is quite spectacular.
More DeZurik Sisters: Wikipedia

MP3: Glen Campbell - By The Time I Get To Phoenix

The only time I ever got to Phoenix I spent the night on the "Sky Harbor" floor, sharing a corner of carpet with my friend James and an American who I recall was an unexpected Des Lynam fan. This won't be the last you'll hear of Glen Campbell on our journey through the States.
More Glen Campbell: official site | Amazon | 7digital

MP3: Wilco - Hotel Arizona

There's more than a nod to 70s rock'n'roll on Wilco's second album Being There so this I suppose is their 'tribute' to the Eagles. You can visit the Hotel Arizona if you're ever in Tuscon.
More Wilco: MySpace | Amazon | 7digital

MP3: Public Enemy - By the Time I Get to Arizona

The original version is on the album Apocolypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Back and was written in response to Arizona's reluctance to acknowledge Martin Luther King Day in the early 90s (a stance supported by the state's senator John McCain by the way).
More Public Enemy: official site | Amazon | 7digital

MP3: Dimitri Tiomkin - Gunfight at the OK Corral Theme

The actual gunfight at the OK Corral was over in about 30 seconds. It's now recreated at 2pm each day in Tombstone and lasts about an hour. Three-time Oscar winner Dimitri Tiomkin composed dozens of other classic western themes and songs including High Noon and Rawhide.
More Dimitri Tiomkin: IMDb | Amazon

Next time we return to the South with a musical tour around Arkansas.

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John said...

Mssr. Smith:

I'll be watching closely for you to complete this series. I'll be choosing my favorite of each of your state-centric selections for inclusion on a "limited-edition" 50-song, 2-CD set with a cover designed (by me) featuring artwork procured from truck stops in our beloved nation.

Happy Inauguration Day!

Nigel Smith said...

Ha ha. It'll be 51 songs - I'm including DC.

Anonymous said...

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