Monday, 10 August 2009

A Brief Tribute to Mike Seeger

Earlier today I wrote a post on the BBC Music Blog about the New Lost City Ramblers' banjo ace Mike Seeger, who sadly died on Friday evening at his home in Lexington, Virginia. There's a great outtake clip from the BBC's Folk America doc there which I'd urge you to look at.

I discovered Mike Seeger via Bob Dylan. Seeger was a wonderful contributor to No Direction Home and Bob writes fondly of him in Chronicles Volume 1.

Back in January I posted a New Lost City Ramblers track on my Arkansas 'state songs' entry. Here are two more of their songs about a couple of my favourite subjects.

MP3: The New Lost City Ramblers - Crow Black Chicken

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MP3: The New Lost City Ramblers - Franklin D Roosevelt's Back Again

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I've also created a 10-track Spotify playlist of some cracking New Lost City Ramblers tunes in tribute.

One gets the impression that Mike Seeger was the sort of man about whom no one had a bad word to say. He also opened countless pairs of ears to the wonderful sound of America's past. I'm in no doubt that he will be missed by many.

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Don Talley said...

Mike was truly a unique American who lived a full life. I'm thankful for the times I heard him play but also for getting a chance to talk with him on more than one occaision. Mike always impressed me with his genuiness and openess to share the music he loved with others. He was truly a gentleman and friend to all who know him.

Smithsonian said...

For an appreciation of Mike Seeger (1933-2009), a tireless preserver, performer, and teacher of traditional music, please visit

To share your thoughts, memories, and stories, please visit the Smithsonian Folkways Facebook page: or email SmithsonianFolkways@SI.EDU

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