Thursday, 31 January 2008

Cat Power - Live on 6 Music

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I was lucky enough to see Cat Power perform a memorable 6 Music Hub Session on Tuesday. I've long been a fan of her records but had never seen her live before, mainly because I'd heard too many stories about her unpredictability on stage (I did have ticket for one her shows years ago and she cancelled).

While Chan Marshall did show up, the session didn't go as smoothly as some I've seen. Accompanied by accoustic and slide guitars, she sounded great and began with her new spin on Hank Williams's Ramblin' Man. An apropriate title since her subsequent conversation with George Lamb meandered for ages.

Halfway through her second number, Song to Bobby, the band abruptly stopped playing as the electric guitar went dead. Chan didn't realise they were live, broke the cardinal daytime radio sin of letting fly an expletive, had a confab with her band about what they should do, and eventually played a different song.

To those listening live it might have sounded shambolic. Watching it in the flesh was a lot of fun.

You can listen to the session on the iPlayer (edited for decency I believe) and see some photos on the 6 Music website.

If you're unaware of Cat Power, this the video for Lived In Bars from her last album The Greatest, is a pretty good introduction.

And a couple more versions of Ramblin' Man, first the Hank Williams original on top of footage from a Buster Keaton movie:

And secondly the video for Mark Lanegan and Isobel Campbell's version:

Dozens of people have covered this classic. If you find more, post them below,

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