Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A Cup of Coffee with Johnny Cash

A few weeks ago my friend Pete Marsh alerted me to a wonderful podcast called Tony Tost's America and since then I've been devouring its archives. If you're missing Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour, this is the place to discover shining nuggets of American musical gold.

During episode three my ears pricked up when I heard this oddity: Johnny Cash hawking Folgers coffee.

MP3: Johnny Cash - Folgers Coffee Jingle

According to Folgers' official site, also the source of the MP3, their jingle was written in 1984 but I've no idea when Johnny recorded his version. Anyone ideas?

This weird discovery seems the perfect opportunity to share another java-related Johnny Cash curio - this seemingly inebriated duet with Ramblin' Jack Elliott from Cash's 1966 album of 'humorous' material Everybody Loves A Nut.

MP3: Johnny Cash & Ramblin' Jack Elliott - A Cup of Coffee

Find it on Everybody Loves A Nut

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Holly said...

Nice post, and thanks for heads up re Tony Tost - I _live_ in Durham NC, and was completely unaware of this gentleman & his podcasts!

Thanks again :-)

Ryan said...

Very cool. I always enjoy learning new facts about Cash. These are nice little gems. Thanks for the posting.

-RYAN (www.TheFolsomPrisonGang.com)

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