Saturday, 29 May 2010

Dennis Hopper recites Kipling, objects to continental lager

I've just found out that Dennis Hopper has lost the battle with cancer he's been so visibly fighting the last year or so. He was a true one-off and there are so many wonderful scenes in I recall in which he featured. Here are two tribute clips that should appeal to Carnival Saloon regulars.

This first is testament to both Hopper's temperament and the Johnny Cash Show's left-field booking policy.

Dennis Hopper recites Rudyard Kipling's If

Dennis Hopper appeared in some of my favourite films. His mad cackle in Apocalypse Now is engraved on my brain. Yet the moment that returns to me most often is his objection in Blue Velvet to the lager that reaches the parts other beers cannot reach in favour of "PABST BLUE RIBBON!".

A moment from Blue Velvet

Like I said, a true one-off. He was one of the last of dying breed. 

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