Thursday, 13 May 2010

Please Help Save BBC Radio 6 Music

It's been a fantastic week for 6 Music. On Monday Jarvis Cocker and Adam & Joe won at the Sony Awards. Even more notable is this morning's news that the station now has more than a million listeners each week - a whopping 50% increase on last year. That average weekly listening hours have also increased from 5.5 to 7.7 hours is testament that new listeners are really enjoying what they hear and aren't just dipping in out of curiosity because they've heard about 6 Music in the news.

That news, of course, is that my bosses at the BBC have declared, in the Strategy Review published in March, that 6 Music should be axed.

The BBC Trust ends its public consultation about this proposed closure on Tuesday 25 May. That's less then two weeks away. While joining Facebook groups and signing petitions all help raise awareness of 6 Music's perilous plight, there is only one way to guarantee that your thoughts about the station will be heard by the people able to grant it a reprieve. That's by completing the BBC Stategy Review online survey.

Don't rant. Don't rave. And don't be put off by all of the questions - you don't have to answer every one. Simply tell the Trust why you value 6 Music and why the reasons put forward to axe it make little sense.

Jarvis Cocker was typically eloquent on the subject when Nick Wallis interviewed him after his Sony win.

I posted my thoughts on the Strategy Review in March and you're welcome to recycle any of my arguments in your feedback to the Trust. In addition the Love 6 Music website links to an exhaustive selection of news articles and blog posts that cover the arguments very well.

One thing good has come from 6 Music's proposed closure. It's this video:

If you agree with David Bowie please let the BBC Trust know.

Note: The views expressed above are my personal opinions and not those of the BBC.

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Sarah said...

Market share for 6 Music has moved up to 0.8% from 0.4%.
The highest ever increase for a Digital Radio station. This quarter it's shown it is a key driver to DAB! - one of it's aims. Everybody else should mention this in their eloquent emails to the Trust.

Mondo said...

The link to the strategy review seems broken..

Nigel Smith said...

Cheers Mondo - fixed it.

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